Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jewish Celebrations Vendor Directory Is Here!

Finally, after years of procrastination, the Ultimate Jewish Celebrations Vendor Directory is here.  Everything, from Kosher Caterers to Photographers specializing in capturing the  unique celebration of a Brit, from florists to musicians, to scribes of tefillin and mezuzot and ketubot.  You'll find everything you need... here in the Jewish Celebrations Vendor Directory.  Check it out:  http://www.mazordirectory.com/celebrations.

The Jewish Celebrations Vendor Directory is a natural outcome stemming from the success of the MazorGuide - guides to Jewish Living which are continually gaining in popularity.  

Now, vendors who cater to the Jewish population have the perfect arena in which to advertise their services and products.   And the Jewish community around the world, has the best resource for finding all their needs to celebrate the big events of a Jewish Circle of Life.

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